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Coral Tools - Headlock Roller Technology

Coral Headlock Technology

It's not often we come across innovation that's so simple and yet delivers such a significant consumer benefit, that we're surprised it hasn't been thought of before.

How many times have you purchased a paint roller set and usually after no more than 10 minutes of painting you find the roller sleeve starting to slip off the frame? Happens all the time and we just thought it was part of using paint rollers.

Last week, we met with Matthew Page, the MD of Coral Tools who introduced the Headlock paint roller to us. The company claims that the HEADLOCK® paint roller makes painting faster, easier, and less messy than ever before. The patented technology features a unique cartridge system that locks paint roller covers onto the frame. This prevents the roller covers slipping off their frames for faster and easier painting with less mess.

/live/news/wysiwyg/Headlock roller 3.jpgSince their invention in the 1940s, paint rollers have become one of the most widely used paint application tools around the world and yet, despite their popularity, paint roller covers tend to slide and move on the frame resulting in loss of productivity and time taken pushing the cover back onto the frame, getting paint on hands and other surfaces.

The patented Headlock technology solves this problem with a retaining cartridge featuring a positive locking and release mechanism. The practical use benefits enhance the sporty appearance and ergonomic handle for a leading total user experience. 

The product has been recognised with a number of design awards including the prestigious 2017 iF Design Award and the 2016 Good Design Award.

HEADLOCK technology is currently available in Bunnings, Homebase, Wilko, Argos, Amazon and many leading independent retailers.

Read more about the product here - Headlock Paint Roller Technology

Interested? You can contact Coral Tools on 0800 368 8080 or by email to

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20 November 2017
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