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Argos Says Sales Of Home Storage Have Outstripped Luxuries

Habitat Jericho Set of 3 Storage Trunks - Stripe, 25 - Lifestyle
  • Sales of home storage outstrip luxuries, as ‘ship shape’ becomes order of the day
  • Nearly half of Brits (47%) lament that they are tidying more than ever before
  • Almost a third (30%) are splurging on storage, and spending at least an hour every day searching for solutions
  • Gen Z now spend more time and money on storage than their parents’ generation
  • Experts at credit the surge with Brits trying to combat ‘stress mess’

Britons are experiencing a surge in ‘Store-RAGE’, a frustration bought on by the lack of order in a world of chaos.

New research by reveals that more than half of Brits (54%) admit that increased time at home has led to a heightened awareness of ‘stress mess’, with discarded clothes (30%) topping the list that causes rage.

Nearly half of those polled (47%) groaned that they’re having to spend more time tidying their home now, compared to before lockdown began this time last year. Whilst our social calendars remain empty for now, Brits are falling back to filling their time with sorting the home, ahead of opening their doors to friends and family. 

Compared to tidying just once a day on average in 2019, nowadays over a third of Brits (36%) fight the compulsion to tidy at least three times daily, as increased time at home makes domestic chores feel never-ending. 

Such is their frustration, almost a third (30%) are splurging more on storage solutions this year than ever, with Brits admitting to spending at least one hour every day looking for new storage online (29%).  Over half of those polled (56%) revealed that tidying and sorting helps them feel ‘happier’ and gives them a sense of ‘control’, while also easing stress (25%) and providing a sense of accomplishment (38%). 

Additionally, with walking now our favourite, and seemingly only, pastime this year to date, over a quarter of Brits admit to spending at least one hour every day searching for new kicks online (27%). This has led to a significant uplift in demand for shoe storage; the Habitat Arnie Clothes Rail with Shoe Rack has seen sales surge by 54% from Dec-Jan as Brits look to tidy away their footwear fixation.

But it’s not just for personal satisfaction. Home organisation is one of the top things Brits most like to see on social media (50%), with expertly organised shelves and cupboards ensuring better bragging rights than stunning scenery (22%) and even beloved pets (25%).  Over the past year, has reported sales for open shelving have risen by nearly a third (29%) as locked down workers show off their organisational skills instead. 

Extending to those usually forgotten about rooms, searches for utility storage have also increased by 38% YoY, highlighting Brits desperate bid to declutter even hidden spaces in the home.  

It seems the seemingly drab distraction to organise the home has finally transcended generations. Gen Z has seen the greatest uplift, with 55% admitting to tidying more and spending more than double the amount on storage solutions compared to over 55’s (43% to just 18%). 

Psychologist, Charlotte Armitage who is working with comments: “Storage has never been something that instantly commands attention, but throughout lockdown the nation has become gripped by it and the associated organisation that it brings to our lives. 

“In a world that continues to feel unpredictable and unstable, we’ve begun to focus on what is within our control in order to build a sense of stability around us. Our home has a huge impact on our psychological wellbeing, consequently a tidy and clear home, may provide us with a sense of clarity and peace of mind. 

“Given the amount of time that we are spending at home, it’s not surprising that ‘stress-mess’ and ‘store-rage’ is increasing. Tensions are already running high due to the changes in circumstances that we are experiencing, which makes it easier to be stressed by untidiness in the home.

“As such, investing in storage may be a preventative step in avoiding stress-mess related encounters with your household and ultimately, it will help to maintain a sense of order in an increasingly chaotic world.”

Brits most rage-inducing ‘stress messes’:

  1. Clothes on the floor (30%)
  2. Unmade beds (26%)
  3. Clutter on the stairs to be ‘taken up’ (22%)
  4. Items put near the dishwasher, but not in it (19%)
  5. Discarded shoes (19%)
  6. Wet towels on the floor (18%)
  7. Toys on the floor (11%)
  8. Hanger round the wrong way (10%)
  9. Parcels blocking the front door (7%)

Source : Argos

Image : Habitat Jericho Set of 3 Storage Trunks - Stripe, £25

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26 February 2021

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