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B&Q: 56% Of Brits Are 'Creeped Out' By Home Noises


B&Q reveals the top spooky DIY repairs this Halloween as 3 in 5 Brits admit to being creeped out by noises in their homes  

  • Nearly 3 in 5 (56%) of Brits have heard or seen things in their home that they find creepy 
  • More than a quarter (28%) of those surveyed are looking to use their DIY skills to fix these haunting problems  
  • B&Q provides its top tips to tackle household jobs which give us goosebumps 

Halloween is upon us and with night’s drawing in, new research released today from B&Q has revealed that unfixed household repairs are leaving homes feeling haunted, with nearly 3 in 5 (56%) of Brits admitting they have heard or seen things in their homes that creep them out.  

The research, released by the UK’s leading home improvement retailer, also revealed over a third (36%) of Brits have experienced flickering or dimming lights with seemingly no explanation, whilst almost 1 in 4 (22%) have encountered unexplained cold spots or draughts in an otherwise warm room.    

When it comes to what gives Brits the creeps in their home, almost 1 in 5 (18%) revealed that creaking floorboards were the main culprit to this uneasy feeling, alongside insects running around the house (26%), doors creaking (40%) and security lights turning on unprovoked (28%). 

More than a quarter (28%) of those surveyed would like to use their DIY skills to fix their household repairs, but almost half (45%) say they lack the skills to do it and over a fifth (21%) admit that they don’t have the proper tools or equipment to tackle these jobs.  


1) Flickering or dimming lights without explanation 

2) Unexplained cold spots or draughts in a warm room 

3) Dirty tile grouting 

4) Insects running around the house 

5) Cobwebbed lights 

6) Cobwebs in corners of the room 

7) Open doors or windows that they are sure were closed 

8) Inexplicable stains or marks on walls or ceilings 

9) Scratching or tapping sounds coming from within the walls 

10) Doors creaking open or slamming shut on their own 

With almost a third (29%) of Brits being too scared they’ll make a mistake and 1 in 10 (11%) Brits haunted by past jobs that they’ve previously messed up on; the average household has at least five DIY tasks left to tackle in their home.  

B&Q has provided its top tips to show how easily some of these top jobs that give Brits the creeps can be completed, to make homes feel a little less scary this Halloween: 

1) Tackle the draught 

Fitting draught excluders to your doors and windows will keep warm air in and cold air out – meaning no more unexplained cold spots! Self-adhesive foam strips or draught excluders are an inexpensive and easy to apply solution. 

Make sure you don't stretch the foam strips whilst fitting them as this will make them less effective. 

2) No more stained walls 

Damp and mould if left unchecked, can cause serious health issues and leave unsightly stains on your walls or ceilings. Applying a good quality mould removing treatment is a simple job and gives the best chance of stopping the stains from returning. Once the surface is free of mould and dry, it can be painted with a damp seal or stain blocker paint which will ensure that the staining does not bleed through the emulsion once completed. 

3) Fixing those floorboards 

As time goes by, your floorboards might start to need some attention. If they've dried out or become loose, they could start to creak whilst a split, warped, or broken floorboard may even need to be replaced completely but by keeping up with regular maintenance such as taking old nails out of the floorboards or sanding them back and revarnishing are relatively easy tasks if you have the right tools.   

4) Dirty tile grouting  

Refreshing and cleaning dirty looking tile grout is an easy, quick fix that can have a big impact on the appearance of your tiles. Minor staining and fungal growths can be removed with a specially formulated grout cleaner which contains a variety of detergents and biological agents to clean the grout and discourage mould.  

5) Creaking doors 

Creaky doors might be caused by wear and tear, age, previous damp, or a build-up of paint layers over the years. Squeaking hinges and stiff locks can usually be solved by aerosol lubricant, either into the latch mechanism or on the hinge pins. After spraying the hinges, open and close the door a few times to allow the oil to flow through them, then wipe away any excess. 

Visit one of B&Q's 300 stores to make a start on your DIY tasks this Halloween.

Source : B&Q

Image : B&Q / GettyImages 182187286

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24 October 2023

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