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B&Q Launches MamaTerra Range Of Natural Garden Feeds And Pesticides

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  • B&Q responds to need for more environmentally conscious garden methods through launch of MamaTerra by Verve 
  • The UK’s leading home improvement and garden living retailer introduces MamaTerra by Verve, with ingredients sourced from nature, making it easier for customers to make more sustainable choices for their gardens nationwide    

Today, B&Q launches MamaTerra by Verve1 - a range of garden feeds and plant protection sourced from nature, that are free from synthetic chemicals - as the home improvement retailer looks to make it easier than ever for gardeners to adopt more environmentally conscious gardening methods and preserve carbon in soil.   

Replenishing and restoring the world's soils – in farming, natural landscapes as well as household gardens – could help remove up to 5.5 billion tonnes of CO2e every year2. That is equivalent to the annual greenhouse emissions of the US. 

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Whilst these kinds of regenerative agricultural practices which protect soil and preserve carbon have been on the rise for farmers, they are relatively unknown amongst UK household gardeners. Through the launch of MamaTerra by Verve, B&Q is now looking to revolutionise the UK garden landscape and make more environmentally conscious gardening methods, such as no dig gardening, accessible to all. No dig gardening involves applying organic matter, such as the MamaTerra by Verve compost, to the soil surface, so the natural process of decomposition is emulated, rather than digging the soil to remove weeds or plant seeds. This stops the disruption of soil structure and organisms, allowing the soil's ecosystem to remain intact and the carbon to be preserved in the soil.  

The MamaTerra by Verve products are made with ingredients sourced from nature which work with the ecology of the garden, helping to support a more resilient and fertile soil.  

To help enable more sustainable gardening, B&Q has created a complete ecosystem of gardening products that help to enrich the soil and encourage natural microbes found in soil.  The new range supports the full plant lifecycle, from no-dig soil improving composts to plant feed and plant protection, all made with ingredients sourced from nature – making it easier than ever for customers to make more sustainable choices.   

Susie Spence, Director of Quality & Sustainability at B&Q, said: “We need to look at ways to preserve the carbon in soil, be it in farming, natural landscapes or indeed, the nation’s gardens. Through the launch of MamaTerra by Verve, we’re leading the way in bringing regenerative agricultural practices to our customers’ homes, helping our customers to choose more sustainable gardening methods and to encourage nature into their gardens.”    

“Many of our customers tell us they try to avoid using chemicals when gardening, and our MamaTerra by Verve range, with ingredients sourced from nature, responds to this need, helping our customers improve their gardens without the need for artificial fertilisers or pesticides.  We look forward to continuing our innovation with the MamaTerra by Verve range as we look to inspire the nation’s gardeners to transition to a new era of gardening, one which puts biodiversity at its heart and encourages nature in the garden and beyond.”  

The launch of MamaTerra by Verve follows the launch of B&Q’s Build a Life Project, the business’ commitment to being a more responsible and sustainable business by reporting transparently on the progress it is making against its targets, from becoming carbon neutral across all its operations by 2040 to increasing the number of sustainable products on offer for its customers. B&Q’s goal is to continue making changes to improve as a business and help build a better world for customers, colleagues and communities.  

The find out more about MamaTerra by Verve, visit, and to learn more about B&Q’s responsible business commitments visit

The MamaTerra by Verve product range includes: 

Source : B&Q 

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09 June 2023

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