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Desire For 'Likes' Is Revolutionising Home Makeover Purchases

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  • Novuna Personal Finance reveals over a quarter (26%) of adults aged under 45 prioritise photogenic appeal over price, comfort and functionality driven by obsession for social media validation
  • When it comes to revamping their homes, men most readily are taking inspiration from high profile figures with almost a quarter of men (23%) aspiring to become influencers themselves versus less than one in five women (17%) 

A yearning for social media likes and its growing influence on home makeover decision making is revealed in a study by Novuna Personal Finance which shows a buying revolution is taking hold among consumers.

In today’s era of social media dominance, the survey highlights a seismic shift in buyer behaviour – where the longing for social likes has emerged as the dominant factor shaping home makeover purchases amongst over one in four (26%) adults under 45. 

Indeed, the fixation of creating living spaces worthy of being ‘liked’ on social media is so compelling for more than a quarter of shoppers, that the photogenic appeal of items is dictating home improvement and furnishing decisions ahead of price, comfort and functionality. 

In contrast, the over 45’s are far less enamoured with curating living spaces that will resonate with social media followers with only 9% citing that items that will look good in photos are shaping their buying behaviour. 

The Novuna research, revealing the undeniable impact of social media on home improvement and furnishing purchases, has found that more than a third (36%) of adults under 45 say they create a social media page when revamping their homes to help inspire design choices. 

Moreover, whether it's Emma Chamberlain’s sleek 70’s inspired décor or hit TV Succession and Sofia Richie’s sleek quiet luxury style, celebrities and influencers have a significant sway. Over the last month, searches for quiet luxury on Google have increased by almost 100%, highlighting the impact of pop culture on atheistics.1 Influencers and celebrities are moulding trends and shaping the habits of a higher proportion of men (21%) than women (17%) who are taking inspiration for the home from high profile figures. 

The aspiration of becoming an influencer, emulating the success of their idols also resonates more readily with men. Almost a quarter of men (23%) declare they create a social media page when revamping their home in the hope of becoming an influencer compared to less than one in five women (17%).  

Theresa Lindsay, Group Marking Director, from Novuna Personal Finance, said: 

“We’re seeing a real shift in buying behaviour.  Shoppers now prioritise the visual impact of their next significant purchase on their personal social media platforms, over other considerations such as price, comfort, and functionality. 

“As social media validation assumes an increasingly dominant role in purchasing decisions, it’s likely that we will see more retailers tapping into this trend by seamlessly integrating augmented reality technology into their sales processes. Not only will this help customers to visualise products in the context of their own homes and, crucially, on their coveted social media platforms, it also has the potential to make or break a sale.”

1 Google Trend data on “quiet luxury”, 30th April – 30th May

Source : Novuna

Image : / Rawpixeldotcom (1100446520)

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08 June 2023

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