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Electrical Home Improvements That Add Value To Your Home

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  • Jamie Heard, electrician, and Bruna Pani, property expert, reveal how lighting and electricals can help you attract buyers 

Upgrading the electrics in your home could add tens of thousands of pounds to its value, an electrician and property expert have revealed. 

With the new year traditionally a popular time to move house, ElectricalDirect has partnered with Jamie Heard, electrician at Jamie Heard Electrical, and Bruna Pani, property expert at We Buy Any House, to reveal how electrics can boost your property value before selling.  

1) Install electric car charging points – adds up to £35,000 

Costs around £800  

In 2021, Brits installed more than twice as many electric car charging points in their homes as they did the year before, and with sales of new petrol and diesel vehicles being banned from 2030, demand for green transport is only going to increase further. Therefore, adding a charging unit to your own home could attract buyers.  

Bruna says: “If you’re looking to sell your property, then investing in an electric car charging point on the driveway of your home could encourage interest, as it demonstrates to buyers that the site is eco-friendly and well-equipped for the future.  

“Having to continually charge electric cars can be seen as a downside to owning one, particularly as it can take a while, so having the luxury of your own charging point at home is really appealing.”  

2) Add solar panels – adds up to £30,000 

Costs up to £6,000  

Almost three in five (59%) Brits say they would consider getting solar panels on their home and doing so could be a savvy investment – potentially adding up to £30,000 to your property value. Furthermore, with energy prices expected to remain high in the coming years, being able to produce your own power could prove really valuable. 

Bruna says: “Although solar panels are relatively expensive to install, in the long term they can help you save a lot of money, which can appeal to buyers. The electricity generated by the panels captures energy from the sun and converts it into electricity which can be used at home.  

“The energy is renewable, and as long as you meet the criteria for solar panels (in terms of location and space), then you can save on your energy bills and drastically reduce your carbon footprint.” 

3) Invest in smart home technology – adds up to £16,000 

Costs from £5,000 

From thermostats to TVs, curtains to kettles, smart home technology is taking over the interiors market and over half (54%) of Brits now own at least one such device. With this in mind, installing home appliances that can be controlled remotely could be a shrewd move if you’re looking to sell.  

Bruna says: “Investing in a smart home is not only appealing due to its ‘cool factor’, but because it also provides an element of ease that caters for all types of people, from those who are interested in technology, to those who need support running a household.”  

“Additionally, smart homes are an appealing feature to have in your home as they create an energy-efficient environment, which in turn reduces your bills by controlling your energy consumption.” 

4) Install smart security – adds up to £11,000 

Costs around £500  

Buyers often check crime rates and the safety of an area when choosing where to live, so installing smart devices to increase the security of your home can help attract interest. 

Bruna says: “Adding outdoor cameras that are linked to an indoor monitor or your smartphone, in addition to motion sensors and a camera-doorbell, can assure prospective buyers that it is a safe and protected environment.  

“Although they may cost slightly more than your standard lock and bolt, smart home security systems are durable and provide greater insight into the safety of your property and valuables.” 

5) Upgrade your lighting with LEDs – adds up to £8,000 

Costs around £150  

Tactical lighting can help to highlight your property’s best features and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for viewings. By choosing certain fixtures and bulb types, like LEDs, lighting can also boost your home’s value. 

Bruna says: “Incorporating varying styles and types of lighting will help your home appear sophisticated, cared-for and contemporary. It's important to consider the type of light fixture, as well as the bulb, with most people preferring polished and decorative switches, such as chrome effects or remote-controlled lighting. 

“Installing LED lighting, both inside and outside your home, is a great way to not only reduce the amount you spend on bulbs (as LED bulbs last much longer than incandescent bulbs), but also to modernise, as they can be customised and have different settings available.” 

Dominick Sandford, Managing Director at ElectricalDirect, said: “Getting your electrics right is crucial before selling your home. 

“Primarily, buyers want to know that the property is safe electrically, so make sure you have an Electrical Installation Certificate. 

“But it’s also interesting to see just how much certain electricals can increase your property value if you invest in the right places, like smart home and security.” 

Electrics can also put off potential buyers if they are faulty or outdated. To see a list of electrical issues that could prevent a sale, visit:  

Source : ElectricalDirect 

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27 January 2022

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