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Fluidmaster UK Launches Airgap 6000 Series: New Generation Water-Saving Cistern Fill Valve


Leading toilet repair parts manufacturer Fluidmaster UK has launched the AirGap™ 6000 Series; a new generation of toilet cistern fill valve which is quick and easy to install and service. Saving up to one litre of water per flush, the new Fluidmaster product range is height adjustable, reliable at all water pressures and compatible with virtually all UK cisterns. 

Fluidmaster UK’s AirGap™ 6000 series is a unique and adaptable range of cistern fill products which can be quickly and easily installed by a capable DIYer or plumber into virtually every toilet cistern on the UK market. Containing all the high-performance features for which Fluidmaster products are consistently renowned, the AirGap™ 6000 fill-valve range has been fully designed and manufactured by Fluidmaster in the UK, working with water companies and test laboratories to be compliant with all relevant UK Water Fitting Regulations including BS1212-4.  

The flexible AirGap™ 6000 fill valve series has been carefully engineered for the professional and DIY sectors to the highest-quality specification, with quick and simple adjustment options making it simple to both install and service.  

Boasting a range of DIY installation-friendly features the water-saving AirGap™ 6000 Series has a quiet refill mechanism, due to the spiral flow Vortex Generator. It offers unhindered, reliable performance at both low and high pressures and is compatible with side or bottom entry cisterns, offering a choice of plastic and brass fixings. 

The range is specifically engineered to provide a complete and compliant solution to backflow, eliminating ‘blue water’, a backflow issue recently highlighted by water companies and the plumbing industry. 

Said Stuart Cronie, UK Sales Director: “We’re immensely proud of the AirGap™ 6000 Series of cistern fill valves which is ideal for installation by plumbers and DIYers alike. Our talented technical design team and our own dedicated testing facilities have enabled us to create this unique ‘one-size fits all’ product range. Not only does it offer high-quality and unhindered performance, its water saving properties (of up to one litre per flush) ensure it is an environmentally conscious choice and offers the opportunity to reduce metered water bills.”

Fluidmaster has invested heavily in a series of marketing initiatives including full point of sale displays, new literature, traditional and digital advertising and a dedicated website which showcases the features and benefits of the new AirGap™ 6000 range, including a series of informative YouTube videos. 

For more information about the AirGap™ 6000 visit:

Stats and Facts: Water Saving with the AirGap™ 6000 Series

  • There are 29.1 million UK households
  • The average household occupancy 2.5 people
  • Average daily flushes of the loo is 5 per person
  • Figures from independent testing by H2Oiq reveal that the AirGap™ 6000 saves up to 1 litre of water per flush (
  • That is a potential saving of over 4,500 litres of water per household, per annum from the installation of AirGap™ 6000 water-saving cistern fill valve
  • If every toilet in the UK was fitted with an eco-fill AirGap™ valve, enough water would be saved to meet the consumption needs of the entire population of Wales; including drinking, bathing, washing dishes and clothes, brushing teeth, car washing and more!

Source : Fluidmaster

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21 May 2020

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