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Focus DIY - Customers rights explained

Focus DIY customers with outstanding orders are fearful that they will lose their money after the home improvement retailer went into administration. We look at what protection is in place for shoppers.

I made an order on my credit card. Does this mean I will get my money back?

Paying by credit card will often give you protection from a supplier going bust, under a law known as Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act, but there are exclusions. Purchases of less than £100 or more than £30,000, and those made with a credit card cheque, are not covered.

This protection is in place because under this rule, your credit card provider is jointly liable with the supplier for any purchases between the above limits. That means that if, for example, the online shop you are buying from goes bust before your goods are delivered and can't reimburse you, your credit card provider will be liable for your costs.

I paid for my order with my debit card. What does this mean for me?

If you paid by debit card you are not covered by Section 75 and there is no legal obligation on the card provider to reimburse you. But you may be able to ask for money back under the "chargeback" procedure operated by members of the Visa and Mastercard schemes. You must report to your bank or building society directly within 120 days.

I paid by cash. Is there any hope of a refund?

If you have paid for an order in cash, you will have far fewer rights. Administrators Ernst & Young have suggested that customers with an outstanding order which was paid for by cash should write to its Manchester office enclosing proof of purchase in the hope of a refund. If a buyer is found, your claim may be successful. However, keep in mind that typically customers only get a small percentage of the amount owed when a firm fails.

Requests should be sent to Ernst & Young, 100 Barbirolli Square, Manchester, M2 3 EY.

Source : Kara Gammell - The Telegraph

06 May 2011
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