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Houzz Reveals Top Home Design Trends for 2021

White Kitchen - Photo_ Mia Mortensen  Houzz_

With a community of millions of homeowners and over 2.5 million active home renovation and design professionals around the world, Houzz has unique insights into how people are renovating their homes. 

It goes without saying that 2020 has thrown everything off course, and that includes design. From more hygienic materials to reconfigurable spaces, 2021 will bring a generous dose of trends impacted by our response to the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as fashions prompted by other global concerns and influences. Read on to discover what Houzz predicts will be big news in 2021.

1) Outdoor entertainment spaces will reign: 

Homeowners have increasingly been searching for ‘summerhouses’, ‘firepits’, ‘hot tubs’ and ‘outdoor kitchens, which have all risen in popularity as search terms on Houzz this year. We expect to see more of these features in gardens next year. And gardens are not just for the summer months, professionals on Houzz report an increase in demand for designs that will extend the garden’s use later into the evening and year. Particularly options for dining outdoors, with pizza ovens a popular request for 2021. 

2) The return of the all-white kitchen:

It seems this neutral, light-enhancing choice for the hardest-working room in the house is growing in popularity, with searches on Houzz for ‘white kitchen’ rising significantly this year compared to 2019. We’re also seeing many popular photos on Houzz that have white worktops and we expect to see more in 2021, perhaps reflecting a pandemic-fuelled desire for clean-looking cook spaces. 

3) Nature-inspired palettes:

The incorporation of nature into our interiors looks set to continue, with colour experts on Houzz predicting that warm earth tones, such as burnt umber, terracotta and clay and contrasting forest colours like sage, pine and turquoise will be strong choices for 2021. These colours are perfectly complemented by natural materials such as rattan, jute, wood and concrete which have all featured heavily in the most-saved photos on Houzz lately.

4) Healthy at home:

On Houzz, we’re seeing homeowners search for ‘home gym’ and ‘garden gym’ ideas, which have both risen dramatically in popularity this year. In 2021, we expect to see more exercise equipment that fits seamlessly into interiors or furniture that doubles up. We may even see pieces that have stain-resistant, waterproof, warming or anti-odour properties coming to the market.

5) Colourful bathrooms:

While white kitchens grow in popularity, we’re seeing our community starting to go in the opposite direction in their bathrooms, with homeowners instead filling their ideabooks with designs bursting with colour. Meanwhile, ‘pink bathroom’, ‘navy bathroom’ and ‘gold bathroom’ were brand-new additions to the most popular search terms for 2020. 

6) Luxury vintage:

Sustainability, climate change and the impact we have on our planet continue to be a big theme for next year. Professionals on Houzz are reporting a growing interest in high-end, second-hand furniture, which aligns with the interest in sustainability we've seen on the platform. 

7) Multi-functional spaces:

This year changed how many use their homes. As a result, we're starting to see professionals incorporate more hybrid designs, detachable units, and convertible pieces to create a home suited to the ‘new normal’. One example, which saw a surprising rise in popularity as a search term this year, is ‘murphy bed’, with bedrooms and spare rooms having to double as offices while many of us work from home. 

8) Interesting bathroom fixtures:

In the most popular bathroom photos on Houzz, we're seeing homeowners stray from standard chrome tapware, leaning towards brass, matt black and rose gold instead. Professionals on Houzz predict this deviation will only continue, suggesting that matt white as a finish for fittings will gain popularity in the coming year. Antimicrobial tap materials are also gaining traction, as homeowners look to increase hygiene amidst the pandemic. Professionals report a rise in requests for copper-based fixtures, which benefit from these properties. 

9) Smarter homes:

We’re starting to see voice recognition tech more commonly used in the home, avoiding the need to touch switches, household appliances and remote controls, all common germ hotspots. No-touch technology is likely to become more sought-after for the bathroom, too, with professionals on Houzz reporting sensor-controlled taps and lights rising in popularity.

10) Growing your own:

Another new addition to the most-searched terms on Houzz this year, ‘vegetable garden’ speaks to a rising interest in all things horticultural, with many dabbling in growing their own vegetables for the first time. We expect to see this trend continue into next year, as those with even the smallest amounts of outdoor space, make use of window sills, balconies and planters to enjoy the benefits of home-grown produce. 

Take a look at the full report here.

Source : Houzz

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12 November 2020

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