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JYSK Reaches DKK 1bn In B2B Sales

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On 28 June, JYSK reached a total of 1 billion Danish kroner in Business to Business sales in the current financial year.

In recent years, JYSK has been focusing a lot on expanding the Business to Business part of the company’s sales activities.

The focus has paid off, as on 28 June JYSK for the first time passed 1 billion Danish kroner in B2B sales across countries in one financial year. The milestone was passed two months before JYSK’s financial year for 2021/22 comes to an end in August.

Today, JYSK has expanded its B2B model to a total of 12 countries. This is quite an increase considering that back in 2018, JYSK only had a B2B department in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany.

“A lot of colleagues have been involved in reaching 1 billion Danish kroner in B2B sales. They should all celebrate themselves as part of our journey in achieving our goals. One of the most important reasons for our success is our Business to Business teams’ collaboration with our JYSK store colleagues to guide the customer to a good solution,” says Rene Hartung, Business to Business Director in JYSK.

Hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, and apartment providers

JYSK’s B2B model operates on multiple levels. For one, the B2B departments reach out to potential customers directly, but JYSK also achieves a lot of B2B sales through its stores and its webshops.

“Our B2B model works very well with JYSK’s assortment, suitable for companies such as hotels, restaurants, offices, schools and apartment providers, and much more. With our many stores, it is easy for potential customers to visit JYSK, see our range of products, and get qualified guidance from our store colleagues,” says Rene Hartung.

As part of JYSK’s strategy, it has therefore also been essential to train the store employees about the value of approaching B2B customers.

“Overall, we have focused on training our store colleagues in the value of reaching out to businesses that could shop at JYSK, which has helped us expand JYSK’s B2B potential even further. As we have now reached a new milestone of 1 billion DKK in sales, it is clear to us that there is a lot more potential to gain from JYSK’s B2B model. In the upcoming financial year, it is also our plan to expand our B2B department to even more countries,” says Rene Hartung.

Source : JYSK

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01 July 2022

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