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Kingfisher Announces Vendor Decarbonisation Targets

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  • Kingfisher announces vendor decarbonisation targets as it works to drive down Scope 3 emissions 

Kingfisher, the international home improvement company, has today announced that it is setting ambitious common targets with its vendors towards decarbonisation, as part of its ongoing focus on reducing its Scope 3 emissions. 

Kingfisher and its vendors will work towards one of three levels of common target, depending on the scale of their impact on Kingfisher’s Scope 3 emissions. The targets are:

  • For Kingfisher’s 100 biggest vendors by Scope 3 emissions, to create a Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi) aligned roadmap and decarbonisation target by 2028;
  • For the next 450 vendors, to create an SBTi-aligned roadmap and decarbonisation target by 2030; and 
  • For the remaining vendors, to set a climate reduction plan by 2030. 

Kingfisher will collaborate with its vendors to support their progress towards the targets, including sharing training and expertise. 

Manufacture 2030, a cloud-based emissions data platform used by companies worldwide, will support vendors in understanding their emissions and building the necessary roadmaps to achieve their targets. 

Over 90% of Kingfisher’s Scope 3 emissions are associated with its products, including upstream (how they are produced) and downstream (use in customers’ homes).

Vendor manufacturing represents around a fifth of scope 3 emissions within Kingfisher’s sphere of influence, meaning it is an important area to address as part of Kingfisher’s efforts to reduce its emissions. Around 45% of Kingfisher’s Group sales come from its Own Exclusive Brands, meaning it is particularly well placed to drive progress in tackling the Scope 3 challenge.   

Thierry Garnier, Kingfisher CEO, said: “Like most retailers, Scope 3 makes up the vast majority of our emissions, and to drive these down effectively we need the collaboration of our entire supply chain. 

“The response from our vendor partners has been very positive and we are grateful for their support as we work towards our shared goal to help tackle climate change. By coming together as an industry to take on this critical challenge, we can forge a path towards a future that is low-emissions, positive for our businesses and our planet.”  

Thierry Garnier announced the new common targets at the 10th Global DIY Summit in Rome, powered by the European DIY Retail Association (EDRA) / the Global Home Improvement Network (GHIN) and the Home Improvement Manufacturers’ Association (HIMA).

Thierry, currently serving as EDRA/GHIN President, updated the Summit on the progress of its Global Retail Scope 3 Taskforce founded last year to drive collaboration and innovation across the industry in reducing Scope 3 emissions. This includes the creation of a collective EDRA/GHIN Scope 3 strategy and roadmap and the launch of a new guide supporting a consistent approach for greenhouse gas accounting across the sector. 

He also welcomed the creation of a new Global Home Improvement Suppliers’ Scope 3 Taskforce, featuring 11 initial members, including global brands such as Bosch, 3M and Positec.

Kingfisher has already exceeded its Scope 3 emissions target of a 40% reduction per £m of turnover by 2025 against a 2017/18 baseline, achieving a 41.6% reduction in 2023/24. It is currently finalising a Scope 3 net zero target and supporting KPIs.

Source : Kingfisher

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12 June 2024

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