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Plumbworld improving website navigation tools

The team at Plumbworld are always looking for ways to improve the site along with adding products and staying up to date. However, this most recent update focuses on navigation and aiding the user in finding the products they require even quicker.

Plumbworld is the UK’s largest online retailer of bathrooms and plumbing supplies and has been established since 1999. This business has continued to expand over the years and with each New Year, sales and profits carry on rising, and the website continues to attract new customers whilst retaining thousands, if not millions of existing satisfied customers.

The #1 priority at Plumbworld is customer satisfaction and this is displayed through their quality service and product quality; but a less clear display of this priority is through the website itself. A side effect of having a great website is users not noticing it; as they simply navigate it and find the product they want quickly without even thinking about the actual efficiency of the website. The marketing team at Plumbworld ensure the website is kept in top condition and at a high standard which allows users to effortlessly make use of the website.

The website navigation is set out into a tree like structure, with each branch branching off into various other branches and so on. Using this ‘network structure’ the website can effectively guide users to the product they’re after with minimal clicks, for example a bathroom will be split down into all the products found in a bathroom, along with accessories and these groups will be split down further. The approach Scott and his team take is described below:

Scott Morris, E-Commerce Manager described the measures and lengths they go to, ensuring maximum efficiency of the website: “After adding a new set of products, we set about the process of making sure the description is useful and provides all the details that customers will want to know, as this saves them contacting customer services who will give them the correct answer anyway. We also try to ensure the image is a clear and representative picture of the product we’re selling, which 99% of the time is possible. On top of this, we also refine the grouping on the products, so that when a customer searches and navigates down the groups they are provided with choices such as sizes & colours, rather than scrolling through 10 pages of different sized products which may not be of use to them.” Scott continued to add “At current, we have 1 dedicated member of staff to ensure these groups are maintained and as effective as possible; we’re currently trying to get every group down to 1 page of items (25 products per page) to maximize efficiency and minimize bounce rate – this is an ongoing job that will always be around due to product additions and website changes.”

Plumbworld was established in 1999 by James and Anita Hickman and was later sold to the Grafton Group PLC in December 2006, they now employ over 50 people in their purpose built warehouse and offices and turnover close to £20 million a year. The Plumbworld Empire expands month by month with new additions to staff and websites; the current website count sits at 50+ with more in the pipeline. The websites vary hugely and specialise in anything from Paslode nail guns and bathroom suites to shower pumps and Mira showers.

Source : PR Web

09 January 2012
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