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Product Reviews With Ciret's Master Decorator

Ciret Masonry Brush review

Ciret's Master Decorator has been busy testing out the masq Ultimate Painter’s Tape and ROTA!'s Polyamide Dualon paint roller.

masq Ultimate Painter's Tape

A few weeks ago, I got to try the masq Ultimate Painter’s Tape for the very first time. Having heard lots of good things about the higher tack tape, I decided to use the red coloured tape across two jobs to test it in every way, an interior and an exterior project.

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Exterior use on windows

The exterior project consisted of preparing and repainting some old wooden, very weathered window frames. I masked around the rough window frames, sticking the tape directly on the glass panels.

The tape was left on for about 10 days with minimum UV exposure. It adhered very well and had no issues coping with the high humidity levels of the early spring weather. I had no issues removing the higher tack tape and there was no unwanted residue left behind on the glass. A perfect first experience and exactly what a decorator wants.

The Ultimate Painter’s Tape is described as the perfect tape for rougher surfaces due to its high tack. Furthermore, it’s great for outdoor projects as it is UV resistant for up to 120 days and resists temperatures of up to 80C.

Interior use on woodwork

On the interior wood surfaces that I needed to mask off, the Ultimate Painter’s tape performed just as well whilst using water-based paint. It maintained a nice clean edge and left me with sharp flat lines.

This time the tape was only left on for a couple of days, therefore removal of the tape was once again easy, and didn’t leave any sticky residue.

One of my biggest pet hates when using masking tape is when the tape doesn’t come off the roll easily enough or tears. This was not the case when using the red masq tape. It came off the roll with ease and there was no tearing or shredding. Thumbs up!

The “Stress less just masq” tape range

In my eyes, the masq Painter’s and Masking Tape range is one of the best selections of professional and DIY tapes on the market, and I can highly recommend them to any decorator.

Having used the purple Low Tack and the gold Superior Painter'sTapes for a long time, I’m really pleased that I’ve finally tried the Ultimate Painter’s Tape.

The tape performed extremely well on both projects, and I’m keen to say that I have found a new reliable tape for those rougher, irregular surfaces. My professional decorator colleagues out there will know that it’s not easy to find the right masking tape, but I would encourage everyone to give the masq by Ciret Painter’s and Masking Tapes a try.

I personally can’t wait to try another tape from the masq range. The lilac coloured masq Sensitive Painter’s Tape, which is for particularly sensitive surfaces, is high up on my list.

ROTA!'s Polyamide Dualon paint roller - The ultimate tool for your next masonry project

ROTA!'s Dualon masonry roller heads are an essential item to hold in stock. Masonry jobs themselves can be hard work and very physical. Constantly up and down ladders, climbing up scaffolding or you may be lucky enough to have a cherry picker. With this type of work you need a roller head that’s going to perform. By this I mean you will need products which hold significant amount of paint and distribute evenly.

I have worked on a number of masonry projects over the years, one of which I was entered into a competition for and won.

This house boasts 5 bedrooms, resulting in a lot of walls to cover. When working on these projects you will need a roller head which has exceptional paint loading ability along with excellent coverage. Normally for this type of project I would try and spray as much of the exterior areas as possible for speed, however due to the proximity of other homes and cars this was not an option.

Therefore in this instance there was only one choice for me, the Polyamide Dualon roller which holds fantastic amounts of paint. Ideal for the times I was up a ladder or on my scaffolding tower as it enables me to cover large surface areas at quickly. This saved me time and stopped me having to keep returning to my ROTA! 15 Litre Scuttle.

For the hard to reach areas like over the porch and window reveals, I used the 4 Inch version of the Dualon Jumbo which again goes for miles due to its paint holding ability.

The surfaces had recently been rendered so following a thorough brush down and a mist coat, I followed it with 2 top coats.

Thankfully the weather was glorious and didn’t fall during the heat wave. The two weeks of burning sunshine was exhausting but thankfully the Dualon roller head allowed me to concentrate more on the walls rather than having to go back to the scuttle all the time.

ROTA!'s Dualon roller refills are a must for any exterior masonry projects and I’m sure you will agree the results speak for themselves.

Source : Ciret Ltd

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30 June 2021

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