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Rothley Responds To Changing Trends With BAROQUE Range

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Fashions have a tendency to change very quickly. New trends appear almost overnight causing retailers to scramble to recreate the latest coveted craze. With shoppers, now more than ever, turning to social media for inspiration, information travels incredibly fast and stores force themselves to keep up. One industry where this hasn’t been the case has been the hardware sector. Since the first mass DIY outlets opened over 50 years ago, some have failed to make any major changes to their stockholdings. As the interior market booms throughout lockdown, with Instagram being filled with aspirational imagery from bloggers and influencers transforming their homes with cost effective solutions to get high end looks on a budget, it has become even more noticeable the disconnect between what the customer wants and what is available to them in store.

The aisles in most hardware retailers are a sea of gloss white and chrome when shopper’s covert patinaed brass, copper and matt black. Why have trends not reached the stores yet? For too long retailers have dictated to the customer and all but forced them into taking a product that was not to their taste, just because it was all that was available. Rothley have been looking to rectify this problem by placing the customer back in control. They felt it was only right to listen to their consumers and create solutions accordingly. In 2020 they launched their BAROQUE colour range, spanning over several of their new product categories including tube and fittings, handrail, curtain poles, table legs and shelving. The range is made up of antique brass, antique copper, matt black, brushed/polished stainless steel, with limited editions in polished copper and gunmetal. They deliver this whilst committing to reducing unnecessary packaging, plastics and removing all chrome (Cr6+) plating, which is proven to be extremely harmful to those exposed to carcinogenic by-products created during the plating process.

Shoppers no longer have to pay extortionate prices for bespoke hardware, they can shop them at affordable prices and install them with ease, with many of their products being multi-application and mix and match. Perfect for DIY novices or first-time buyers. It is now possible to colour match accents in a room set or compliment/contrast with other metals in a colour scheme. Something relatively overlooked until now by the DIY sector.

It was the humble tube that put Rothley on the map, and it is still at the heart of their range, however it has gone through a renaissance, both in ethics, with the removal of all Chrome plating (Cr6+) and in appearance with a variety of colours mentioned previously. It now has a multitude of applications and can be shopped as easily as it can be installed. Rothley aren’t just providing a wide array of colour choice with their new BAROQUE range of tube and fittings, they are providing interior inspiration for homeowners on a budget who have been longing to give their rooms and refresh but up till now have struggled to find a solution.

Here are just some of the ways in which the Rothley BAROQUE tube can be used creatively to refresh and renew your spaces:


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Wardrobe Rail in Antique Brass

It has become increasingly popular to strip back spaces opting for open wardrobes and exposed rails, rather than the traditional, and sometimes, bulky bedroom units. Rothley’s BAROQUE wardrobe rail and fittings are perfect for creating hanging solutions as fashionable as the clothes suspended from it. Colour matching metal accents in spaces such as bedrooms has always been extremely difficult with many wardrobe manufacturers offering no alternatives to chrome fixings. With BAROQUE you no longer need to sacrifice your colour scheme.

The fittings consist of centre brackets, end brackets or end sockets, giving you variety of configuration options to tailor any length of tube to any space/surface. Rothley know one size doesn’t fit all and that’s why they offer tube in 4ft, 6ft and 8ft lengths which can be easily cut down with a fine-toothed hacksaw if required”


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Utensil rail in Matt Black

With houses getting smaller, and space becoming more and more of a luxury, designers have taken to open up spaces by removing traditional cupboards and cabinets, instead opting for utensil rail and shelving. With our BAROQUE colours you can now match your rails to other metal accents within your kitchen and even compliment your cooking implements. Kitchen design has seen something of a boom period recently with taps and handles becoming increasingly fashion forward in must have colours such as copper and brass, the perfect partner to the Rothley BARQOUE collection.


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Mix and Match Curtain Pole “klick-fit” system

The customisable “mix & match” 25mm system lets shoppers choose their pole, brackets, finials and rings separately, allowing you to create a unique combination that fits your chosen home décor look perfectly. The range is available in all BAROQUE colours: Matt Black, Antique Copper, Antique Brass, Brushed or Polished Silver effect with 5 styles of finial available.

The new “klick-fit” bracket is the star product with no unsightly grub screws or awkward installation. The back plate can be screwed in using a parallel action, reducing the need for difficult angles and potential damage to your fixing surface. The poles are then placed into the non-slip clip with no need to fix into the rail, avoiding scratches. The clip-fit system also makes replacing your pole hassle free if you decide on a new colour later on.

Managing Director Stuart Hobbs explained why Rothley chose to revisit to the curtain pole market, “…there was very little colour or finish choice to match contemporary interior design trends. After extensive consumer insight work, we’re back with a much more environmentally considerate selection, an easy to install system and a vast selection of fashionable, colour coordinated options for consumers to personalise their pole, fixings and finials selection”.

All finials are push-fit and compatible with all 25mm poles, once again making it easy to change if you require a different look, without having to replace the whole rail, costing you time, money and encouraging more waste to end up in landfill. You can mix colour finishes to tie together trending metal accents you may have within your room sets, such as Matt Black and Antique Brass, or match them to your chosen pole for a classic look.

No longer do shoppers need to sacrifice their interior goals, or be dictated to by manufacturers offering little more than outdated chrome (Cr6+), harming both the workers involved in unregulated plating processes and the environment. They can choose colours and accents that suit their personal taste and allow their home to reflect that with Rothley’s BAROQUE range.

For more information about Rothley’s BAROQUE colour range or any of the products explored in this article please contact

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Source : Rothley

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23 February 2021

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