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The Great British Home Renovation Of 2022

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A growing number of homes around the country have been investing in large-scale home renovations since the pandemic begun, spearheaded by a huge increase in home investment by millennials and Gen Z. From outdoor kitchens to home offices, British homes have been receiving TLC like never before.

But why have home renovations grown so significantly in popularity? Which areas of the home have been singled out to receive particular care? What colours are being employed by home renovators? The growing number of home renovations is a curious phenomenon that has given rise to a series of new interior design trends. With that thought in mind, the interior design experts at Sliding Door Wardrobe Company took a look at exactly how Britons are making their mark on their properties, and what the rest of 2022 holds in store…

Key Findings:

  • 77% of Brits spent money on improving their property in 2021, a marginal increase from 2020’s 76%.

  • Data from Property Reporter shows that total spending on home renovation surged by 36% during the pandemic.

  • Median spend among millennials increased by 70% during this time.

  • A survey from Houzz showed that 89% of millennials used cash as their primary source of finance when renovating their home.

  • A landscaped garden could raise the value of your home by up to 77%.

  • Over two-thirds of homeowners who carried out renovations last year were focused on the kitchen.

  • Home improvements that appeal to the demands of the local market regularly yield house value increases of 15-20%.

  • According to estate agents Bramleys, 20% of first-time buyers would be put off by a dated bathroom or kitchen.

Why Are We Renovating?

The popularity of home renovations surged during the pandemic, with’s annual Renovation Nation survey showing that 76% of the British population had invested in improving their home during 2020. Though over half of those interviewed felt that the pandemic was a driving force for improving their home, the 2021 Renovation Nation survey showed a minor increase in home investments in 2021 (77%). Given the continued popularity of hybrid working models in modern offices, we’d be surprised if that trend slowed down any time soon!

Similarly, according to Property Reporter, total spending on home improvements climbed by 36% during the COVID-19 pandemic. Millennials were adjudged to be largely responsible for that growth – the same study saw a 70% increase in median spend amongst Generation Y. Houzz’s survey in 2021 highlighted the fact that 89% of those interviewed financed their renovations with cash, further showing the impact of the pandemic in driving young people to renovate.

With home prices continuing to rise exponentially, it’s no surprise that younger homebuyers are trying hard to escape ‘Generation Rent.’ We predict that the number of Millennials and Gen Z-ers committing to buying fixer-upper homes to renovate will continue to rise – but for the meantime, where are we carrying out our renovations?

Where Are We Renovating?

Given the significant increase in the number of people working from home in 2020, you’d be forgiven for believing the home office might have been one of the foremost concerns for home renovators. However, in 2021, just 2.65% respondents to the Renovation Nation survey had prioritised this area of their home. With a steady increase in searches for ‘home office ideas’ since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, however, 2022 seems the perfect time to look into an office renovation.

In fact, the garden was found to have received the most attention from homeowners in 2021. Given the amount of garden cuppas and socially-distanced conversations that took place in gardens around the country last year, that figure does not come as a shock. Given that a well-landscaped garden could raise the property value of your home by up to 77%, the garden has shown to be a great place to focus your renovations.

With over 20% of homeowners across the UK primarily investing in their garden over other areas of their home, don’t hesitate to give your garden a facelift this summer. Search data from Houzz’s website has emphasised an eight-fold increase in searches for ‘garden designer,’ and notable increases in searches for outdoor kitchens and outdoor dining areas – the perfect way to enjoy a family barbecue this summer.

Despite the growing popularity of outdoor kitchens, however, the kitchen remains the focal point of the home. Kitchen renovations were found to be hugely popular, with 66% of homeowners investing in major kitchen changes in the last two years. Unless the UK’s climate is planning on changing overnight, you won’t be able to dine alfresco for all 12 months of the year!

You can also expect to see a wider selection of colour palettes employed across home renovation projects this year. Expect to see more bespoke interior designs, facilitated by an increased demand for personalisation and increased colour confidence. Design shows throughout 2021 and 2022 have shown bolder, brighter colours, so don’t be surprised to see more ‘out there’ colours being employed in interior design this year.

Website search data from the Houzz site also illustrates this fact – growing numbers of people have been showing interest in interesting colours such as ‘sage green,’ ‘duck egg blue’, and ‘mustard yellow.’ With this thought in mind, don’t be afraid to take bold design decisions this year.

Have you got any renovations planned in for your home for 2022? If that answer’s yes, where are you focusing your renovation? Is the garden your centrepiece? Or perhaps you could buck the trend and renovate your bathrooms? Whether you’re looking for a major or minor overhaul of your home this year, you’re far from alone.

Plus, if you’re looking to sell your house or upsize this year, there’s nothing better than a renovation to increase the value of your home! Often, carrying out renovations can increase the value of your home by 15-20%, and having a pristine kitchen could make a world of difference to a buyer, especially when compared with a tatty existing kitchen. With 20% of first-time buyers stating they could be put off by a dated bathroom or kitchen, the importance of renovation can’t be understated.

If you’re carrying out renovations, there’s nothing quite like giving your lick of paint a boost by adding some new furniture for a fresher look. The Sliding Door Wardrobe Company offers a range of space-saving solutions that are at home in any room of the house, and are available in bespoke colours, sizes, designs and finishes. From the home office to the living room, they’ve got the furniture for you. Be as bold as you like!

Source : Sliding Door Wardrobe Company

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26 May 2022

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