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The Importance Of Outdoor Living Spaces When Selling Homes

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The days of an overgrown patch of lawn and a few patio slabs are over, with 87% of people agreeing that access to outdoor living spaces is important to them personally.

Whether you’re hosting outdoor pizza parties or simply unwinding with a book, 89% reported that gardens are good places for mental health and well-being.

Many homeowners also continue to work remotely or have adopted a hybrid working model which has sparked demand for more home working solutions.

With this in mind, homebuyers are now seeking properties with attractive, functional, and inviting outdoor spaces, making the garden a real focal point in their decision-making process.

Property Valuation in Edinburgh experts, Watermans, step through the garden gate and share the latest 2023 design trends and how to maximise your outdoor space to appeal to buyers.

The move towards outdoor living

Since the pandemic, gardens have seen a real revival – gone are the days in which they were solely reserved for gardening and hosting occasional barbecues.

Now, a garden is a seamless extension of indoor living spaces and a hub for relaxing, entertaining and working. Outdoor living offers the chance to embrace nature and biodiversity while enjoying the comfort and convenience of the indoors.

A study by the AA found that a well-kept garden can add 5% to your property price. Homeowners should therefore look to include outdoor lounges, dining areas, relaxation spots and cooking options.

Some ideas to consider:

Relax and unwind

Essential to outdoor living is creating an oasis where homeowners can kick back and escape the daily stresses of life. This is especially important with those working remotely and looking for a cut off from working.

Incorporate elements like sun loungers, water features, hammocks or day beds which can help to create a serene space. Cosy nooks and reading corners can also be tucked away under pergolas or among lush greenery.

Much focus is now on biodiversity and the benefits of nature on our well-being and prosperity. Integrate native plants and eco-friendly landscaping. Green walls and vertical gardens are also an innovative way to add greenery to smaller areas – improving air quality and aesthetics.

Al fresco entertainment

Outdoor living spaces are also designed to entertain family and friends. 2023 trends emphasise creating comfortable seating arrangements around fire pits or barbecues, allowing for cosy gatherings during colder evenings.

Look to include multi-functional furniture such as garden benches with built-in storage or tables/ flowerpots which can morph into ice buckets for chilling drinks during parties.

Adding an outdoor bar or a built-in barbecue can elevate the entertainment factor even further, making your garden the ultimate hangout spot for friends and family.

Indoor/outdoor integration

The key to a successful outdoor living space is a seamless flow between the indoors and outdoors, combining the restorative power of the outdoors with cosy home comforts.

Large sliding glass doors, collapsible walls, and bespoke windows can blur the lines, connecting living areas to the garden and making the transition between the two spaces effortless.

This integration not only creates an illusion of more space but also maximises the natural light and ventilation which can add value to a property’s price.


By embracing the latest 2023 design trends and including elements of entertainment, relaxation and nature, you can create an inviting outdoor space which appeals more closely to buyers.

Remember, a captivating garden not only adds value to your property but also improves the quality of life of those who call it home.

Source : Property Valuation in Edinburgh experts, Waterman

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04 October 2023

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