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TV Influences On Interior Design In 2022

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With Season 4 of Netflix’s Stranger Things now on our screens, bringing a world of new home design inspiration, Painting and Decorating experts Harris Brushes have analysed the top 5 Netflix shows that gave us the most interior-envy. 

Key findings:

  • Demand for Stranger Things inspired interiors is widespread, with content associated with #StrangerThingsRoom receiving 281.4k views on TikTok.

  • Many of the interior styles in Stranger Things, including retro décor and wood panelling, are making waves; Instagram shows 54.8k posts related to #RetroHomeDecor and searches for “MDF Wall Panelling Kits” are up by 400% according to Google Trends.

  • Searches for “The Home Edit: A Guide to Organising and Realising Your House Goals” are up by 190% according to Google Trends. 

Streaming service Netflix has long had an undisputable hold on many of us when it comes to switching off, killing time and binge-watching the latest additions. However, today the platform’s influence extends beyond our screens and into the rest of our homes, playing host to interior design ideas inspired by our favourite shows. Names such as Stranger Things, Selling Sunset and The Home Edit have graced our screens in recent years, serving us some of the most enviable and unique interior looks in the streaming world.

The long-awaited release of Stranger Things season 4 is now upon us, however, almost as captivating as the unpredictable and sometimes terrifying plot of the show is the vintage interior styles we see in every frame of the Byers’ house and the Wheeler’s basement. Ahead of the upcoming season, TikTok users have been recreating Stranger Things trends in their own homes, from the iconic letter wall with fairy lights to custom prints with protagonist Eleven’s quote ‘Friends Don’t Lie’, with #StrangerThingsRoom receiving 281.4k views on the platform. In addition, a whole category dedicated to ‘Stranger Things Room’ can be found on Etsy, with over 1000 homeware products including wall art and VHS Tape lamps.

With the demand for Netflix-inspired décor and interior styles very much on the rise, Harris Brushes have highlighted the top 5 Netflix shows inspiring today’s interior movements. 

1) Stranger Things

Retro Decor and Wood Panelling:

  • #RetroHomeDecor 54.8k posts on Instagram; #WoodPanelling 16.1k posts on Instagram
  • Retro Home Décor – 100 relative search volume on Google Trends; MDF Wall Panelling Kits searches up by 400% on Google Trends 

Retro Décor

From loud striped wallpaper to geometric design and yellow accents, retro décor is still having a moment with searches for Retro Home Décor reaching the highest relative search volume on Google Trends and 54.8k posts engaging with #RetroHomeDecor on Instagram. The key to perfecting the trend Stranger Things style is to opt for a patterned wallpaper. Striped, chintz and geometric patterns work well for creating that retro look, then it’s down to you whether you’d prefer to hang a bold infusion of colours or strip the look back and give it a more minimalist twist by choosing muted tones such as beige or grey. Harris Brushes’ easy to follow guide on How to Hang Wallpaper can also help you apply your wallpaper flawlessly and achieve a professional-looking finish for your Stranger Things inspired room or hallway. Unique accessories such as eye-catching vintage lamps and sophisticated wooden side tables are key to completing the retro look, so make sure to keep an eye out for pieces with that classic 80s character during your next homeware shop.

Wood Panelling

Interestingly, the rising trend of wood panelling is showing no signs of stalling, with searches for MDF Wall Panelling Kits up by a staggering 400% according to Google Trends data. This classic 1970s style is found in the home of everyone’s favourite Stranger Things hero; Dustin’s living room creates a warm, inviting atmosphere through the use of warm dark wood panelling. Bringing this look up to date is as simple as choosing a dark tone for your wood, which evokes effortless sophistication and style. If you’re looking to apply panelling to your walls at home, Harris Brushes’ DIY Wall Panelling Guide breaks down each step and product needed to ensure your living room looks just as iconic as Dustin’s Mum’s.

2) Selling Sunset

Neutral Palettes and Japandi Style:

  • #NeutralDecor 1.4 million posts on Instagram; #JapandiStyle 72.7k posts on Instagram
  • Neutral Home Décor searches up by 120% on Google Trends; Japandi Style – 100 relative search volume on Google Trends 

Neutral Palettes

The versatility of neutral tones in the home is something that seems to appeal to the Selling Sunset cast and Instagrammers alike, with over 1.4 million posts on Instagram engaging with #Natural Décor and searches for Neutral Home Décor increasing by 120% over the past year according to Google Trends. Whether you’d prefer to opt for a soft taupe or beige wall shade and warmer-toned furniture and flooring or ultra-modern grey hues paired with black or white furniture, neutral-themed interiors are known to create tranquility and peace in the home.

Japandi Style

A stunning combination of Japanese and Scandinavian design styles, Japandi interiors radiate comfort, warmth and elegance. Prioritising both style and functionality, this calming interior style utilises a natural colour palette with lots of texture and indoor plants to create a cosy minimalist aesthetic. Seen throughout the aspirational interiors of the Selling Sunset properties, this clean, welcoming style is booming in popularity, with 72.7k Instagram posts associated with #JapandiStyle at present. Master the look in your own home by repainting your walls a soft neutral tone such as sand or beige and adding textured accents such as thick shag rugs, blankets for layering on sofas and arm chairs and finally, incorporating a range of air-purifying house plants such as a snake plant or Chinese Evergreen. 

3) The Crown

Upscale Florals and Antique Accents:

  • #FloralWallpaper 66.4k posts on Instagram; #AntiqueFurniture over 1 million posts on Instagram
  • #FloralWallpaper 959.6k views on TikTok; #AntiqueFurniture 50.8 million views on TikTok

Upscale Florals

We know what you’re thinking: florals… for the home? Groundbreaking! Well, according to the enviable, extravagant interiors of Netflix’s The Crown, floral prints are the perfect way to make a bold statement and inject some vibrancy and elegance into the room. Whether on frilled bedspreads, cushions and curtains or on the walls, floral prints offer a dose of femininity and beauty that stands the test of time. Instagram reveals that there are 66.4k posts associated with #FloralWallpaper and videos that use the same hashtag have received 959.6k views on TikTok, reflecting the ongoing popularity of the design. For a traditional feel, opt for smaller chintz patterns for your décor, paired with a muted colour palette, or for a brave yet modern look, choose larger blooms and tailor these to your surroundings. 

Antique Accents

Taking your regal interior look to the next level of course requires selecting antique furniture pieces. #AntiqueFurniture content has received over 50.8 million views on TikTok and over 1 million are posting with the hashtag on Instagram, indicating that antique accents in the home remain a key trend in 2022. To create a look fit for royalty in your own home and capture the sophistication of The Crown, opt for a dark wood or mahogany finish for your furniture. This can be achieved by upcycling old furniture including simply preparation work and painting. If you’d like to brush up on your painting skills and create antique-style furniture that’s sure to turn heads, the experts at Harris Brushes can help with their How to Paint Furniture guide. 

4) The Home Edit

Decluttering and Colour Coordination:

  • #DeclutteringMyLife 43.4k posts on Instagram; #TheHomeEditMadeMeDoIt 2.8k posts on Instagram
  • #Decluttering 80.9 million views on TikTok; #ColourCoordination 825.8k views on TikTok


As we all learned through the chaos and uncertainty of lockdown periods, decluttering is key to creating a nurturing space in the home. Luckily, Netflix answered our home organisation prayers with The Home Edit, a show that provides all of the home organisation hacks needed to ensure your space is looking its best. A testament to the success of the show is the fact that #TheHomeEditMadeMeDoIt is trending on Instagram, with 2.8k posts linked to the hashtag. #Decluttering also has a staggering 80.9 million views on TikTok, revealing how anxious users are to transform and tidy their living spaces. Season 2 of the series blessed us with tips and tricks such as making use of unexpected spaces like doors and walls by attaching wall-mounted holders or wall hooks. The series also revealed new methods of using tools innovatively, such as using a hanging paper towel holder on a kitchen cabinet to dispense bin bags - we just can’t get enough of these hacks! 

Colour Coordinated Organising

“The rainbow method”, coined by the show’s heroines Clea and Joanna, is an extremely user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing way to organise the home. The method involves categorising items, for instance art supplies, into paintbrushes, paints, markers and pencils then arranging the items in a rainbow spectrum (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet). It’s clear that the home hack has influenced thousands to adapt their methods of organisation with #ColourCoordination receiving 825.8k views on TikTok and many users recreating rainbow shelves using the categorisation method at home. 

5) The Queen’s Gambit

Clashing Patterns and Art Deco Accessories:

  • #ClashingPatterns 3.7k posts on Instagram; #ArtDecoInterior 48.8k posts on Instagram
  • #Maximalism 281.4 million views on TikTok; #ArtDecoInterior 156.4k views on TikTok

Maximalist Clashing Patterns

The Queen’s Gambit was an instant hit when it arrived on tv screens in 2020, and for good reason. Not only is the coming of age plot of Beth Harman conquering the world of chess in a male-dominated era truly empowering, but the 1950s and 1960s style seen throughout the show has had us truly glued to our screens. From maximalist wallpaper and stunning palettes of pink and teal to bold accessories, The Queen’s Gambit really does serve up a feast for the eyes. One of the key interior trends to emerge from the show is clashing patterns, found in wallpaper, rugs and accessories. In fact, #Maximalism has received over 281.4 million views on TikTok, with users showcasing their bright, fearless room design. 

Art Deco Accessories

When Beth ventures to the Hotel Mariposa in Las Vegas, the rooms are adorned in stunning Art Deco features with curved furniture, gold metallic accessories and geometric wallpaper prints. The glamorous Art Deco style is certainly close to everyone’s hearts with #ArtDecoInterior receiving 156.4k views on TikTok and the same hashtag associated with 48.8k posts on Instagram. To recreate the look at home, select contemporary style gold accessories such as lamps, mirrors and side tables, or upcycle your old accessories with some gold paint to bring the Art Deco style to life. Opt for curved velvet armchairs and bold diamond print wallpaper to give the room an added air of decadence.

For more top tips on how to transform your home into your dream aesthetic, visit the Harris Brushes Tip Exchange or explore their expert-led range of How To tutorials today.

Source : Harris Brushes

Image : / denisik11 (1170518912)

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15 July 2022

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