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Half Of Brits Admit To 'Sneaky DIY'

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  • Over 50% admit to hiding DIY projects from their partner, while 44% say they were happy to be a victim of ‘Sneaky DIY’, according to new research from home improvement retailer Wickes
  • Painting is the most common DIY task while partners are out
  • Londoners are sneakiest, with 67% keeping DIY tasks under wraps

Over half (56%) of Brits admit they have hidden a DIY task from their partner - as a fifth say they are motivated to hide a transformation to simply prove a point. 

That’s according to home improvement retailer Wickes, which surveyed over 2,000 homeowners nationwide to share insights into ‘Sneaky DIY’. 

Based on the idea that people are increasingly waiting until partners and other members of the household are away to transform an area of their home, the research also reveals:

  • A third (31%) of Brits claim painting would be their chosen secret task
  • Furniture assembly (named by 23%), gardening and landscaping (23%), and home repairs (23%) are all popular Sneaky jobs
  • When asked why they are Sneaky DIY-ers, 55% say they wanted to surprise their partner or housemate

The Wickes study also found a third of those polled (33%) confessed they have been on the receiving end of a Sneaky DIY task - with 44% of respondents admitting they had a positive reaction when they realised. However, a few admitted to feeling annoyed and frustrated with the surprise. 

London is revealed to be the sneakiest region, with 67% keeping DIY tasks hidden from other household members, while research suggests those in the South West are the most honest DIYers, with only 49% confessing to hiding their DIY projects. 

The findings indicate younger generations are the most likely culprits when keeping DIY a secret, as 72% of 18–24-year-olds and 74% of 25-34-year-olds confess to having completed a task without informing a partner or house member.

Key findings of the Wickes study include:

  • 56% of people have completed a DIY task without informing a partner/housemate/family member

  • 33% have experienced someone they live with not telling them about a DIY task

  • Painting is the most likely DIY task to be kept secret (31%)

  • 67% of people from London have completed a DIY task without informing a partner/housemate/family member, compared to 49% of people from the South West region

  • 55% wanted to keep their DIY task a secret to surprise a partner/housemate/family member

  • 44% of people claim to be happy when they realise a partner/housemate/family member has completed a DIY task without telling them

  • 56% of men and 55% of women surveyed said they have done a DIY task without informing your partner/housemate/family member

  • 72% of 18–24-year-olds, 74% of 25–34-year-olds have done a DIY task without informing a partner/ housemate/family member

  • 25% of people say they would wait between 1-4 hours before they consider starting a DIY task

Mandy Minichiello, Head of Marketing, Kitchens, Bathrooms, PR & Social at Wickes said:  

“DIY can be a source of contention in households, with opinions divided on style and colour. It’s led to an increase of people opting to hide their DIY intentions, choosing instead to surprise partners with a transformation once it's complete. 

“Whether it’s for a shared DIY project or an unexpected surprise for a partner or family member, shoppers can head in-store for expert advice. The Wickes website has a vast array of How To guides with tips on the best tools and techniques to ensure a successful Sneaky reveal.” 

For those looking to try their hand with their very own Sneaky DIY task, Wickes DIY tools and essentials are available at

Source : Wickes

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25 September 2023

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