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New ‘Kinder To Nature’ Clear™ Range From Evergreen Garden Care

725 BugClear Insect Glue Barrier 5m 121005
  • Exclusively made to protect gardens and homes from pests and diseases, mostly developed with plant based active ingredients and certified for organic use 

Evergreen Garden Care has developed a range of new products under the Clear™ brand which effectively target a range of pest and disease gardening issues, while meeting the growing consumer demand for greener gardening.  

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Whether consumers are faced with aphids demolishing their roses, or flies attacking their food in the kitchen, they want to use products that effectively and quickly deal with the problem in ways that are kinder to nature. Until now the range of Clear™ products were mostly synthetic and divided between two brands (Clear™ & Home Defence™), the existing range will now be joined by new environmentally friendly options and all be featured under the Clear™ branding.  

The new and improved formulas are now all certified by OF&G (Organic Farmers & Growers), using formulas that are mainly from plant-based ingredients – exclusively developed by the scientists at Evergreen Garden Care.   

There are seven new sub-categories in the range, including: RoseClear®, FungusClear®, BugClear™, FlyClear™, MothClear™, AntClear™ and SlugClear™ to solve a range of problems in gardens and homes.  

After extensive research of 13,000 gardeners carried out in 2018, Evergreen Garden Care identified that consumers, from novice to experienced, purchased pest and diseases products with a sense of urgency for three reasons: due to pests in and around their home and garden, for convenience, and ease of use. However, with many people conscious of pest control around their children and pets, there has been a significant increase in the demand for pesticide free and natural products, with solutions that are kinder to nature.   

The NEW Clear™ range was developed to resolve the barriers identified by this consumer insight. The main goal is to encourage gardeners to effectively and safely treat their pest and disease issues in a more considerate and environmentally friendly way.  

Mark Portman, Managing Director of Evergreen Garden Care says: ‘‘The launch of the Clear™ Range is another exciting development for us and puts consumer trends and demands at the heart of our innovation. Our goal is to encourage gardeners to treat their pest and disease issues fast, effectively and with products which are kinder to nature.  We are proud to have created unique formulas which not only offer effective protection but are also OF&G accredited and mostly made from plant-based active ingredients.”   

RoseClear® 3in1, For Roses and Flowering Plants 

As its name suggests, RoseClear® is ideal for roses and other ornamental plants. Its unique characteristics kill aphids (greenfly & blackfly), larvae and adults, in addition to controlling fungus, and protects against further infestations – including new growth. It is also certified for use in organic gardening and advised to use up to six times a year to achieve maximum effect. 

/live/news/wysiwyg/25 RoseClear 3 in 1 Action 1L 119980.jpg

Formulation: 10 g/l fatty acid + 4 g/l Sulphur – a combo of contact insecticide and fungicide. 
Packaging: the bottle is made of 100% recycled material and can be recycled. 
Price: Available from January 2022, in both the UK and Ireland – 800ml, RPP: £7.99  

FungusClear® Ultra 2, For Flowering Plants

Fungusclear® helps fight existing infections such as powdery mildew, black spots and rust, protects from new attacks and defoliation. Certified for use in organic gardening, FungusClear™ can be used outdoors and indoors, for up to six treatments per year. 

/live/news/wysiwyg/25 FungusClear Ultra 2 1L 119978.jpg

Formulation: 4 g/L sulphur - a contact fungicide.
Packaging: the bottle is made of 100% recycled material and can be recycled.
Price: Available from January 2022, in the UK only – 800ml, RPP: £6.99 

BugClear™, For Flowers and Shrubs

BugClear™ protects flowers, shrubs, fruit and vegetables from harmful pests. The range includes two concentrates – BugClear™ Ultra 2 concentrate and BugClear™ Fruit and Vegetable concentrate, in addition to a new BugClear™ Insect Glue Barrier [main image].   

/live/news/wysiwyg/25 BugClear Ultra 2 200ml 119524.jpg

The BugClear™ Ultra 2 concentrate controls aphids, spider mites, mealy bugs, caterpillars, lily and leaf beetles. It is also effective against eggs, larvae and adult stages. When applied, its effects can be seen within one use. 

Formulation: rapeseed oil & pyrethrins (a chrysanthemum flower extract).
Packaging: Bottle and box are made out of 100% recyclable materials.
Price: 200ml, RPP: £10.99, only available in the UK from January 2022.  

The BugClear™ Fruit and Vegetable concentrate controls aphids, mealy bugs, red spider mites and other mites. It is ideal for fruit, vegetables, and ornamentals, and can be used in organic gardening – same day spray and eat. 

Formula: rapeseed oil and an emulsifiable concentrate.
Packaging: The bottle is made out of 100% recyclable materials.
Price: 210 ml, RPP £10.99 – Available in the UK and Ireland from January 2022.  

BugClear™ Insect Glue Barrier is ideal for fruit trees as it protects against winter moths laying eggs, vine weevil and other pests. It can be used from the end of October until April.

Made out of natural glue, its thickness of 5m of glue is a strong natural barrier, and safe for pets, children and wildlife. 

Packaging: Made out of 100% recycled material and can be recycled.
Price: £6.99, available January 2022.  

Slug Clear™

SlugClear™ range consist of two different products: SlugClear™ Ultra 3 and SlugClear™ Slug Barrier. 

/live/news/wysiwyg/25 SlugClear Slug-Snail Barrier 2.5kg 121006.jpg

SlugClear™ Ultra 3 kills slugs and snails and protects gardens for up to two weeks. Certified for use in organic gardening, it is suitable for grow your own crops and ideal for salads, strawberries, brassicas and ornamentals. For outdoor and greenhouse use – slugs and snails crawl into hiding in the ground and die. 

Formula: 7.43g/kg ferric phosphate.
Packaging: Bottle is made of 100% recycled material and can be recycled.
Price: 300g - RPP: £3.99, 685g - £6.99, available from January 2022. 

SlugClear™ Barrier is ideal for protecting vegetables, fruit and ornamental crops from slugs and snails. It blends in with the soil which keeps your garden looking its best, with the additional benefit or it being safe for pets, children and wildlife. It can be used from March to October and is rain resistant and long lasting. 

Formula: Natural volcanic lava granules.
Packaging: Box is made of 100% recycled material and can be recycled.
Price: 2.5kg, £7.99, Available from January 2022.

FlyClear™ for Flying Insects

FlyClear™ is an aerosol spray that kills wasps, flies and other flying insects within seconds of being used.  There are two varieties of spray, FlyClear™ Wasp & Fly killer and FlyClear™ Wasp & Hornet Killer, in addition to a Fly Trap. 

/live/news/wysiwyg/25 FlyClear Fly Traps x4 120054.jpg

FlyClear™ is a wasp and fly killer which effectively kills flying insects such as flies, wasps, moths and mosquitoes with an immediate effect.  The 2nd product in the range: The FlyClear™ Wasp and Hornet Killer effectively kills wasp and hornets thanks to its precision tool. Certified by OF&G and produced from a plant based active ingredient, both products are odour free and can be used in and around the house and garden. 

Formulation: 0,5g/kg pyrethrins and 1,5g/kg piperonyl butoxide (an enhancer).
Packaging: The cap is made from PP, 100% recyclable, and the bottle made of aluminium and is recyclable.
Price: The Wasp and Fly Killer spray, 400ml, RPP £4.99. Wasp and Hornet Killer spray, 400ml RPP £5.99, available January 2022.  

FlyClear™ Traps is effective in both attracting and trapping flies (common and fruit & vegetable flies). It is also odour and pesticide free and therefore safe to use in and around the house. Made out of pheromones, the formula lures flies to the sticky glue pads to capture them. Lasting several weeks, one trap with cover a 1.5m2 window.

Packaging: Folding box made of 100% recycled paper – box recyclable but plastic sleeve to be disposed separately.
Price: £3.99 for a box of 4 traps, available January 2022. 


The MothClear™ range contains two products: MothClear ™Traps and MothClear™ Repellent.

/live/news/wysiwyg/25 MothClear Moth Repellent x2 120056.jpg

MothClear™ traps are a fast and effective way to attract and trap moths. With its pesticide free and odour free formula, it is safe to use in and around the house and around pets and children. After removing its protective film, infestation can be detected for up to three months. Made out of pheromones, it lures moths to the sticky glue pads, making them unable to escape once captured. One trap is sufficient for a room up to 30m2.

Formula: Pheromones sticky trap.
Packaging: Folding box made of 100% recycled paper and is recyclable.
Price: £3.99 for a pack of 2 trap. Available in the UK only from January 2022.  

MothClear™ repellent is a fast and effective repellent for clothes moths and their larvae. With its plant based active ingredients and fresh scent, it is safe to use in and around the house. After removing its protective film, the repellent works for up to 3-months. It’s built- in hanger design is ideal for wardrobes and other storage area.

Formula: Geraniol + essential oils – (derived from roses and geraniums) - A unique developed membrane that continuously releases small amounts of the scented oil.
Packaging: Folding box made of 100% recycled paper and is recyclable.
Price: £3.99 for a pack of 2. Available from January 2022.


The AntClear™ control range consists of an AntClear™ Control Bait Station, AntClear™ Control Spray and AntClear™ Control Granules.

/live/news/wysiwyg/25 AntClear Ant Control Bait Station 1 Trap 120057.jpg

AntClear™ control bait station destroys ants and their nests by being lured into the bait station thinking the gel is food. Derived from soil bacterium and chrysanthemum flower extract, the OF&G certified product is safe to use around the house – indoor and out – as long as it is weather protected.

Formulation: soil bacterium and chrysanthemum flower extract
Packaging: Blister card made of 100% recycled material and recyclable, except the bait station.
Price: £3.99, available from January 2022. 

AntClear™ Control Spray kills ants within minutes after application, when sprayed directly on ants, walking paths or shelters. Based on active ingredients derived from plants, it is safe to use around the house – indoors and out – however, it is recommended to avoid using outdoor when rain is forecast.

Formula: Chrysanthemum cineriaefolium + Piperonyl butoxide (enhancer).
Packaging: Made out of 100% recycled material.
Price: 800ml, RPP £6.99, available from January 2022. 

AntClear™ Control Granules kills ants and their nests and forms a long-lasting barrier for up to 1 month. It’s ready to use, dust free granules are made with a sugar-based carrier which attracts ants – simply apply directly on ants, their walking paths and shelter areas. 

Formula: Chrysanthemum cinerariaefolium, extract from flowers
Packaging: Composite box is made of 70% recycled paper (TBC)
Price: 300g, RPP: £6.99, Available from January 2022

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Source : Evergreen Garden Care

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23 November 2021

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