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Toolstation Reveals The UK's Most Searched DIY Questions

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There were over 135 million DIY Google searches in the UK within the last year, with outdoor DIY projects accounting for nearly a third of searches. The most popular question searched on Google was “how to unblock a toilet” with nearly 2.9 million searches in the last year .Brits are turning towards growing their vegetables, herbs and spices, with growing advice for garlic being the most searched gardening questions within the past year.

In an age where information is available the click of button, many homeowners have turned to Google or Reddit to search for DIY advice around the home. Toolstation, one of Britain’s leading tool retailers, has researched which DIY projects the UK is searching for the most and consulted their expert panel on how best to tackle these projects.

Last year there was a staggering 135 million searches categorised as DIY queries on Google in the UK and over 3,500 questions in the DIY UK subreddit. Using a clustering algorithm to analyse each question, Toolstation were able to identify which DIY projects have been causing the most problems for homeowners.

UK Google search data shows homeowners are most interested in outdoor DIY projects, as they made up almost a third (27%) of DIY searches, closely followed by heating and electrical queries which made up 24% of DIY searches in the last year.

The Most Searched for DIY Questions on Google

Search Query

Total Yearly Search Results

How to unblock a toilet


How to grow garlic


How to unblock a sink


Radiator is not heating up


How long do grass seeds take to grow


How to lay turf


How to lay a laminate floor


How to wire a plug


How to plaster a wall


How to fix a toilet seat


Plumbing seems to be a common headache for homeowners in the UK, as 3.27 million questions on pipes, drains and appliances were entered on Google over the past year. The most common DIY query was "How to unblock a toilet", which was searched for a total of 2.9 million times last year. Fortunately, many toilet blockages can be easily resolved without the need for professional assistance, as most homeowners can tackle small blockages themselves using a toilet plunger

However, the scope of plumbing problems extends far beyond the toilet. The third most popular DIY question with 76,200 searches, "How to unblock a sink", indicating that blockages in pipes were another widespread concern for homeowners.

Outside of plumbing, there seems to be a growing interest in homegrown vegetables, with fruit and vegetable advice dominating the gardening searches. The data suggests that garlic is the most sought-after vegetable with “how to grow garlic” reaching with 95,500 yearly searches. There were over 140 unique search queries related to vegetable and herb growing advice, on a range of vegetables including potatoes, tomatoes and strawberry, with an average of 61,000 monthly searches.

Expert Advice on the Most searched for Questions

How to unblock a toilet (296,300)

Danielle Robinson, plumbing and drainage category manager at Toolstation discusses the most common plumbing problems troubling homeowners and provides solutions for unblocking toilets and dealing with stubborn blockage in a sink or drain.

“Blockages are a common issue and fortunately most homeowners can solve the issue without the need for calling out a professional.”

“You should be able to use a toilet plunger to dislodge and remove the blockage. Just remember not to flush the toilet before the blockage has been removed. You can read Toolstation’s guide on How to unblock a toilet for more advice and information.”

How to unblock a sink (76,200)

"For partial blockages in your sinks, it’s best to use some drain unblocker but it’s important to invest in the correct one depending on the blockage. For blockages in the kitchen, you want to use an unblocker liquid that helps to dissolve grease and other food materials like fats. Whereas for bathroom blockages you want products that dissolve hair.”

"In both instances, follow the guidance on the label to pour the liquid down the plug hole and clear the pipe. Make sure to leave for the specified time, or overnight if it’s a stubborn blockage, then flush the drain with boiled water from the kettle."

"For tougher blockages, equipment such as drain snakes are good to keep in the home for when you cannot reach a blockage and can be purchased for as little as £4.98.”

Radiator is not heating up (71,690)

While Rhiannon Moore from Toolstation, discusses the most common cause for a radiator refusing to warm up and advises calling professional help if it is not warming up.

“Homeowners googling “how to turn on a radiator” or “radiator not heating up” may not be able to find a straightforward answer. There are handful of reasons and could depend on the type of radiator valve and central heating system. There may be a bigger issue with the boiler or something simpler like air trapped in the radiator. “

“Air being trapped inside a radiator is the most common reason why a radiator won’t heat up. These air pockets prevent hot water from circulating through the radiator. To release the air bubbles in the radiator you can read Toolstation’s guide on How do I bleed a radiator.”

“But if the problem persists or you’re uncertain of completing the job yourself, our panel recommended calling in a professional plumber to help solve the issue.”

Source : Toolstation

Image :  Stock-Asso / / 271173740 

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18 April 2024

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