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Top 10 Highest-Earning Home Renovation And Improvement YouTubers

YouTube logo June 2022

New data has revealed YouTube's most popular and highest-earning home renovation and improvement accounts on the platform, with Fix This Build That taking the top spot, earning an estimated $2,598 per video.

Research conducted by DIY building experts at assessed YouTube's most popular home renovation and improvement channels on the platform to create the ranking, and analyzed Influencer Marketing Calculator to determine how much each channel can potentially earn per video.

1 - Fix This Build That

The study found that YouTube sensation Brad Rodriguez (Cincinnati, Ohio, US) took the top spot with his channel Fix This Build That, which was created in June 2016 following a desire to share his passion in video form with a wider audience after the original launch of his website in 2015.

Fix This Build That currently sits at 1.39 million subscribers with 139 uploads and over 120 million video views. Brad Rodriguez is estimated to make $2,598 per video, the highest estimated earnings in the ranking.

The channel also has the highest number of engagements per video in the past 90 days, with 191 engagements – proving how interactive he is with his subscribers.

The channel remained a side hustle for the woodworker until 2017, when he decided to take the plunge and have YouTube as a full-time job. The channel explores woodwork and DIY projects as well as tutorials and easy to understand content perfect for anyone wanting some guidance on how to delve into the world of home DIY.

2 - Modern Builds

In second place is Modern Builds, a channel created by Mike Montgomery (Midwest City, Oklahoma, US), who started his creative journey at the age of 19, where the aim was to showcase DIY projects that people would successfully be able to complete regardless of experience. Now 23, Montgomery entertains his 1.7 million subscribers with hundreds of how-to tutorials and DIY projects they can recreate in the comfort of their own homes.

From the birth of the channel in June 2015, Montgomery has still managed to retain engagement with his subscribers, sitting at 131 engagements per video in the past 90 days. After 202 uploads and over 104 million video views, the channel helped Montgomery rake in an estimated $1,801 per video – securing the channel's second-place position.

Since discovering his love for DIY and creativity in home creations was not just a hobby and something he wanted to do full time on YouTube, his channel started to take off– the content that he was producing began to reach far and wide, drawing in an audience all around the world. 

3 - Home RenoVision DIY

Home RenoVision DIY takes the third position in the rankings thanks to general contractor turned YouTube creator Jeff Thorman (Ottawa, Canada, CA). The channel specialises in sharing trade secrets and saving money tips for homeowners whilst educating and developing product knowledge in his viewers to make the most out of their DIY and home improvement journeys which can lead to professional standard results.

With 25 years of experience in the contracting profession, Thorman removes the fear of remodelling and renovation from his 2.39 million subscribers, which is the highest number of subscribers in the rankings and makes the experience enjoyable and entertaining. With 567 uploads and over 323 million video views, the channel has seen incredible growth since March 2016. It is estimated that Thorman receives $1,478 per video which equates to $1,897 Canadian dollars, putting him in third place, despite having the second-highest number of engagements over the past 90 days at 167 per video.

4 - HouseImprovements

Proving its channel name, HouseImprovements on YouTube provides advice videos on various DIY and home improvement content and gives its subscribers a fresh outlook on the construction industry where an unknown expert shares his knowledge to eager viewers wanting to follow.

The HouseImprovements channel can earn an estimated $1,079 per video securing fourth position despite the lack of information on the man behind the screen in the videos – it has been proven to remain a successful channel and has over 800 thousand subscribers363 uploads and has given 33 engagements per video over the past 90 days.

Subscribers remain loyal to the channel due to the quality and professionality of the videos, giving viewers a reason to continue to watch despite the slower upload schedule of one video every other week.

5 – TheSorryGirls

In fifth position is TheSorryGirls (Toronto, Canada, CA) on YouTube, an all-female channel that has created a destination for all things DIY and self-empowerment. They upload videos every Tuesday for their subscribers and can earn an estimated $1,034 equating to $1,327 Canadian dollars per video.

With the second-highest number of subscribers in the rankings at 2.11 million, they have totalled 777 uploads to the channel, the third-highest number of uploads in the rankings. TheSorryGirls have had 31 engagements per video with their fans over the past 90 days; however, they still manage to keep their subscribers watching every week, putting their total video views at over 320 million since the birth of the channel in October 2010.

The girls that make it all happen are Kelsey MacDermaid (founder), Becky Wright (founder) and Rachael Nyhuus (content creator), whose aim is to focus on education, lifestyle and sustainability through a do-it-yourself attitude, proving how easy and manageable tasks like home makeovers and creating sustainable and budget-friendly costumes can be to make. Their channel has become so successful that the girls now have a team of editors, production assistants and social media creators who help oversee the production of their videos.

6 - Posh Pennies

In sixth position is Posh Pennies, home décor and decorating on a budget channel run by creative genius Vivian (Vancouver, Canada, CA). Vivian grasps her audience's engagement by filming and posting hacks, and how-to videos - from sharing her favourite IKEA finds to hacks every home DIY fanatic might want the Posh Pennies channel continues to take her YouTube channel to new heights.

Despite the channel receiving the lowest number of video views in the rankings at just over 12 million and having had 92 engagements per video with her subscribers over the last 90 days, Posh Pennies still rakes in an estimated $1,025 per video which is $1,316 Canadian dollars.

Posh Pennies, with just 43 uploads, is the youngest channel in the rankings after its creation in August 2019; with interest in the channel skyrocketing, it is exciting to consider where the channel will go in the future if this interest progresses.

7 - Lowe's Home Improvement

Lowe's Home Improvement (US) is seventh in the rankings due to the ongoing demand for their how-to and step-by-step instruction videos on the platform. As the only physical retailer, Lowe's uses the power of digital marketing to produce brand awareness which drives customers to their websites.

The channel is the oldest in the rankings after its creation back in March 2006 and has racked up 1.12 million subscribers and 368 million-plus video views, which is the second-highest amount of video views in the rankings. The channel has also made the second-lowest number of engagements in the last 90 days at just 15 per video, proving how successful this YouTube channel has become with a low amount of effort from a channel to its subscriber's relationship. It is estimated that the channel receives $703 per video.

By posting around two videos per week on the channel, subscribers are kept inspired and keen to produce their own creations by following said tutorials and guides that continue to push all home improvement elements to the forefront. Whether it be landscaping, kitchen repairs, lawn care ideas, or just general DIY projects, Lowe's Home Improvement channel team continues to triumph and impress its subscribers.

8 - Home Repair Tutor

Eighth position goes to the Home Repair Tutor; a channel run by Jeff Patterson (Pittsburgh, US) which aims to make home renovations easier; the channel makes an estimated $587 per video. Despite Patterson keeping his career in home improvement more private, he uses the channel to share weekly home improvement tutorials on how to maintain working home appliances, winter preparation for homes, and many more remodelling and installation videos.

Despite only having 7 engagements per video on YouTube over the last 90 days, the channel has 441 thousand subscribers at present and 455 video uploads for perusal. Despite having the lowest number of subscribers in the rankings, it deserves its eighth-place position due to the quality and time spent creating engaging and in-depth tutorials, which has led the channel to receive over 120 million video views since its launch in December 2011.

Alongside YouTube, since 2011, Patterson has also run a successful website that provides step-by-step courses in bathroom building and installation and a blog that keeps budding DIY fans interested in all things to do with home renovation.

9 - This Old House

This Old House (US) ranks ninth in the rankings a multimedia home enthusiast brand whose videos give dedicated expert advice on home upgrades, handy products, home improvement, and house remodels.

Since the channel's birth in June 2006, YouTube has seen 2,375 video uploads that provide estimated earnings of $567 per video. This Old House also remains to have the highest number of video views in the rankings at over 627.8 million. The channel has engaged with its audience 84 times per video in the past 90 days despite having the third-highest number of subscribers at 1.84 million.

Along with the YouTube channel, This Old House provides trusted advice in a home improvement and renovation magazine and an award-winning TV show, not to mention a website focusing on all things home and DIY.

10 - Hermione Chantal

In tenth position is Hermione Chantal (Isle of Wight, UK), whose channel offers a vibrant take on her own DIY-home journey, giving her subscribers an array of exciting content such as where to find hidden home gems in thrift stores, abstract wall art ideas that are budget-friendly and how-to style your home videos.

Hermione shows her appreciation to her 496K subscribers by making sure to answer comments left on her videos and continue producing content that her fans might ask for; in the past 90 days, Hermione has had 116 engagements per video with her fans on her YouTube channel. It is estimated that Hermione receives $462 per video which equates to £373. Since its creation, her channel has seen over 53 million video views proving just how popular her videos are.  

After being nominated for a Shorty Award in 2019 for the Best in House & Home content, Hermione's channel has seen a massive explosion in growth due to her ability to produce comforting and easy-to-watch creative videos for her loyal fans.

A spokesperson for commented:

"A beautiful home can bring joy, light and calm to anyone's life, which is why, as humans, we strive to create the best atmosphere and surroundings to spend a majority of our time.

The YouTube creators in these findings shed an unbelievable amount of knowledge and expertise in the home renovation and improvement industry, which is why many fans across the world continue to stay loyal to these channels and these creators are able to make thousands from each video.

It also provides inspiration to the millions of people watching that they can also have a stylish interior without having to spend thousands."

Most Popular and Top-Earning Home Improvement and Renovation YouTube Accounts

Youtube Account



Average Engagements (last 90 days)

Video Views

Earnings Per Video

Fix This Build That






Modern Builds






Home RenoVision DIY


















Posh Pennies






Lowe's Home Improvement






Home Repair Tutor






This Old House






Hermione Chantal






Source : Shedplans

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10 June 2022

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