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Wickes Reveals Its Top Festive Spruce Up Tips

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‘Tis the season, not only for mince pies and mulled wine, but for house guests and gatherings, so cleaning and DIY are set to be high on the agenda. Luckily for those looking for a little festive inspiration, home improvement retailer Wickes, and its team of experts, have pulled together a handy guide of easy but effective jobs to ensure homes are ready for the festivities. 

1) Recycling & declutter

As households up and down the country prepare for the festive season ahead, now is the perfect time to create some extra space by having a good clear out. Chris Moorhouse, Category Director for Building, Garden and Décor at Wickes says, “Consider recycling or donating any items that you no longer need or use to help clear a space. Shelves are also a great way of creating extra floor space and keeping a room tidy ready for Christmas day games. They also provide a place for decorations such as foliage or candles, to add to the magic of your festive décor. There are plenty of shelving options to choose from including floating, corner, and pull-out shelves.”

Shop Wickes’ extensive range of shelving options from as little as £2.50 to get clutter organised for good.

2) Let there be light!

With the kitchen often thought of as the heart of the home, it’s only right that it should be looking good for Christmas festivities. Chris says, “Painting is a simple, effective way to revamp your kitchen; opting for a light yet calming shade can brighten spaces whilst still creating a relaxing atmosphere. Although many of us choose to keep the majority of Christmas decor to the living room and hall, fairy lights and candles can be a subtle addition that helps to create a festive feel throughout the house.”

3) Replace the toilet seat!

Data suggests that repairing a toilet ahead of Christmas is top priority for many[1]. “There are plenty of easy, low-cost ways to refresh your bathroom without the need to break the bank” says Chris. “Renewing a toilet seat is a quick and cost-effective way to impact the look of a room. A durable and easy to clean toilet seat will not only revive the look of the toilet but also creates a low maintenance solution for the future. Painting and re-grouting tiles are also a great way to give the bathroom a simple refresh.”

Wickes’ new range of cleaning supplies will help to ensure the rest of the bathroom is spick and span; HG’s 3X Stronger Scale Away Foam Spray (£5 for 500ml) removes stubborn limescale from tiles, shower cubicles, plastic bathtubs, washbasins, taps and showerheads. Job done!

4) Get décor organised

Unpacking decorations can be an arduous task so preparing for the following year is key and a handy way to recycle materials that would often be thrown away! Chris says: “Keeping items such as cardboard boxes and wrapping paper to use for storing decorations is a great way not only to reduce waste but helps to keep them organised too. Cardboard boxes can be cut up and used as dividers between baubles and wrapping paper can also be used to protect glass items - as is shown in Wickes’ handy decoration hacks guide via Instagram. Why not also try handmade decorations with leftover card and paper with younger members of the family to use for the future.”

5) Get front door ready

The front door, patio and porch are the first thing guests see when coming to visit, so it’s important to ensure these areas are as inviting as possible. To start with a porch and patio restore – effective solutions such as KilrockPRO Patio, Driveway & Masonry Cleaner can help to effortlessly shift stains, oil and grease, making the job far easier. Next up, time to give the front door a once over so that it’s ready for the decorative wreath, and any other festive adornments. Sugar soap is ideal for removing grease, grime and general dirt from painted surfaces including wood, metal and plastics – keen cleaners should invest in Bartoline XL Sugar Soap Wipes (£6 for a pack of 80) for the ultimate festive front door clean up. Finally, for a wreath related hack that your future self will thank you for - try hanging your wreath up with a clothing hanger rather than putting away in a box, as this will keep it intact and ready for next Christmas!

[1] Wickes Kitchen Shapes Research, September 2021, 2,000 Surveyed

Source : Wickes

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15 October 2021

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