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Toolstation Announces 'Credit Where Credit's Due' Competition Finalists

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Toolstation, Britain’s fastest growing suppliers of tools, accessories and building supplies, launched a competition from 31st March – 29th April, to locate the nation’s unsung heroes and give tradespeople back the ‘credit’ they deserve, both through recognition and with up to £5,000 worth of prizes. 

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, tradespeople continued to provide essential services and kept Brits safe and comfortable. This competition is to show recognition of their incredible support. 

After a month of over 130 entries from across the country, Toolstation has shortlisted ten tradespeople who has gone above and beyond, whether that is through helping the community or going the extra mile in their working lives. 

Prizes for the winner includes £3,000 worth of DeWalt products – ranging from tools and accessories, and £2,000 credit if they are already a Toolstation Trade Credit Account holder. There will also be two runners up prizes of £1,000 of DeWalt kit with an extra £500 to Trade Credit Account holders, and a £50 voucher to the top ten who were shortlisted. 

The ten final submissions are now being judged by a Toolstation panel of the Senior Management team. The winners are to be decided and announced over the coming weeks. 

The ten finalists include:

Hayden Lamb, Carpenter from Bradford

Hayden has gone out of his way to help others in the pandemic, being on call for the elderly and vulnerable when they have a home emergency, repairing household objects in people's homes while they could not get replacements due to the pandemic and all the while ensuring the health and safety of others through social distancing measures. He often works 7 days a week to ensure all his customers are happy and catered for, meanwhile picking up shopping for his elderly grandparents who are shielding and taking them to their appointments. 

Paul Davis, Plumber from Bradford

Paul was a constant presence in his local area of Bradford, helping friends, family, and neighbours with multiple different tasks throughout the pandemic whilst they were not able to leave their homes due to shielding. This includes getting groceries, fixing a tap, and even installing a bathroom for a local elderly couple. He has carried out emergency plumbing repairs for vulnerable people 24 hrs a day throughout the pandemic without charging a fee for any of those who could not afford it during these tough times. 

Tony Thompson, Builder from Manchester

Tony supported an elderly resident in his local town in Manchester after she was scammed and charged thousands of pounds for work on her house that she did not need. Upon finding out, Tony went to this lady’s house and fixed the extensive damage to the roof caused by the scam artists and did so without charge. He was constantly supportive through the police process and still regularly checks in on her. Tony also supported an elderly neighbour with maintenance work on their property which they struggled to maintain. 

Anthony Jones, Builder from Feltham

Anthony performed a selfless act for a local resident in October last year, whose family were scammed by a building firm during home renovation. With the family on the brink of bankruptcy, Anthony decided to take control of the building, bought in his work colleagues from the building trades and re-built the home completely free of charge. He visits the resident daily and works on the house most evenings, taking days off work to ensure the job was complete. 

Ryan Maynard, Dental Engineer from Aylesbury

Since the beginning of lockdown in March 2020, Ryan has been out working to help keep NHS dental practices within the Aylesbury region open for patients with urgent appointments. He has worked through most days of the lockdown, including a 23-hour shift fitting air filtration systems. On top of this Ryan has been going through the stages of adopting a 2-year-old daughter which he is now in the final stages of completing. 

Phil Sayer, Builder from Hessle

Phil has been working in the Hessle area throughout the whole pandemic, helping support and refurbish houses for domestic violence victims. He personally donates household furniture and helps these individual women in need to support them in getting back on their feet and starting a new life. He works with multiple charities to ensure these victims take a step in the right direction. 

Malcolm Arkell, Electrician from Chester

Malcolm has spent the past six years volunteering at a children’s hospice in Birmingham on an ad hoc basis, helping with all the crucial DIY jobs including electrical work and painting. He has continued this volunteering throughout lockdown. During such a tough period for the hospitality sector, Malcolm also helped re-build his niece’s café to ensure they could perform deliveries and survive throughout the year, which included fitting the electrics, painting, tiling, and fitting the kitchen, all free of charge. At his work he helps mentor and train new apprentices out of his own personal time, to ensure the nation receives a new generation of tradespeople. 

Gordon Clark, Landscaper from Doncaster

Gordon has been helping his local community in Doncaster over lockdown by removing the content of the local green waste bins when the local councils had to hold on collections. He has also spent his time checking on the elderly residents of his local area during lockdown, with support from his partner who would make up flower baskets as a surprise gift to share, and visited homeless shelters with food packages and basic toiletries to help them survive. 

Christopher Norfolk, Roofer from Hertfordshire

Chris has continued to work throughout the pandemic in the Hertfordshire region, as well as being a valuable member of Band of Builders charity, which aims to help members of the construction industry when times get tough, whether that is through hands-on projects, advice, and support. Chris has been on hand to offer support and advice and encourage his fellow colleagues to talk about mental health with members of the charity.

Source : Toolstation

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08 June 2021

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